About Collister United Methodist Church

We seek to live out John Wesley’s (founder of Methodism) vision of a two-fold approach to faith combining personal spiritual growth with social involvement and justice. We are active in both deepening our faith and in living that faith out in our world. Collister United Methodist Church holds to the historic doctrines of the Christian faith.

We value the intellect and modern science, while at the same time looking to the Bible as the authoritative guide for faith and practice. Methodists have a passionate faith with strong convictions, but we also recognize that the world is not always black and white. We are willing to ask questions, to wrestle with difficult issues, and to do so with grace and compassion. 

Methodists have been known for our emphasis on a personal faith, lived out in concrete ways in the world. We have historically valued well-informed and passionate preaching, worship that was lively, and small groups where people could grow in faith. Methodists have open hearts, and open minds.

Family worship service with music by Joshua and Emily Godfrey.  10:30 to 11:30 AM.  Sunday School and Childcare available during service only at this time.


Our Vision

As followers of Jesus Christ, Collister UMC strives to be a committed church family where people are seen, heard, known and deeply loved.

At its best, this community will cultivate honest and authentic relationships with God and each other. Experiencing God’s love in this way will inspire exemplary service to the Collister neighborhood and to the broader world.

Guiding Principles

  • We believe in developing deep and lasting relationships.  To become a church family we must love one another, share joys, pains and burdens with one another, and break bread regularly with one another.
  • We believe in cultivating authentic faith.  To do this we must be honest with ourselves, with others and with God.  Doubt is not the enemy of faith.  Dishonesty is the enemy of faith.
  • We believe in unconditional love.  To do this we must create space for vulnerability and forgiveness.  We want every person to know that they are not defined by their worst moments.  Instead, they are loved and forgiven just as they are.
  • We believe in fiscal responsibility.  Every penny the church has comes from the donations of parishioners.  It is our gift and our responsibility to use this money responsibility to bring about the kingdom of God.  Care for One Another
  • We believe that every person is a child of God, created with sacred worth, regardless of the color of their skin, their ethnicity, their religious background, or their life style choices. Every person is welcome here.

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